Shanghai Tang-esque

Finally got around to putting these up!! Two months ago, I got to work with the superbly talented Jun Bin (@hoju_) and we created some Shanghai Tang magic (mostly him tbh)! I loved that we spent the whole morning exploring the grounds of Sentosa and finding hidden gates and openings. It’s the whimsical, storybook sort of adventure I am always enamoured with, the kind that encapsulates limitless time I never seem to have enough of nowadays.

This set completely emulates vacation vibes we all need and embraces the tropical year-long summer Singapore never seems to tires of. The white linen shirt will always be one of the most versatile pieces in my closet. From smart casual, to business formal, to vacation worthy wear, it runs the gamut.

I have this one in a silky material that I got off a street from Bangkok. It’s great worn alone in the face of heat and humidity, or with a coat or a cardigan for a more mellow, formal look. I like to play it down with a pair of printed shorts – the ones I have here are constructed out of batik by my grandma.

Enjoy the visuals – huge shoutout to Jun Bin!!!




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