Golden State

Shoutout to Zhikuan for helping me shoot this! He is so so talented at this and I’m so stoked to be able to work with him on this!! The weather was blisteringly hot and yet we trudged around Cityhall all the way to Clarke Quay talking and taking photos. We set about looking for dreamy places to shoot and I am loving my really long holiday (NOT loving adult priced transport fares) because it means hours of wandering and wide-eyed exploration.

I recently purchased the most indulgent crushed velvet skirt in this beautiful golden shade online. Velvet has blown up everywhere recently, but if not worn right one may either look painfully gaudy, or like a massive piano cover. I decided to give it a shot in the form of a favourite, the midi skirt. Also, I was very excited that this came in crushed velvet because crushed velvet reflects light magnificently in a seemingly random manner, making the material of the skirt seem ‘crushed’. But so much velvet can seem excessive when one is travelling on the train/subway and is getting strange looks from people. Thankfully enduring a good dose of feeling self-conscious did not come to naught when I received the photos from ZhiKuan!!!


We explored CHIJMES and Victoria Concert Hall, both in the vicinity of Cityhall. Both historic buildings are gorgeous, and both reflect different influences and styles of the past through their stunning architecture. The Gothic style building of CHIJMES is rich in heritage, once a Catholic convent established by nuns from France. The complex has now been preserved and you’ll still see pillars with intricate markings and dreamy spiral staircases around the compound. There’s also quiet, quaint lawn in the complex amongst the buildings and restaurants, just perfect for soaking up some sun or having a picnic.


The Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall is also a national monument, but different in style and grandeur compared to CHIJMES. The neoclassical compound had only reopened two years ago after renovation and restoration works and is now every minimalist’s dream. Once a town hall and even a makeshift hospital for bomb raid victims during World War Two, the building now primarily hosts a wide array of concerts and events supporting the arts in Singapore. Even if you’re not here for an event, the complex is open to the public. It is calm and quiet inside, the floors are tiled with swirly pristine marble, and the building has airy, high ceilings.


Once again big shoutout to the superb ZhiKuan!!


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