Places You Should Stop By In Western Australia

First post of 2017!! So last December, my family decided to go road tripping together around Western Australia and I’ve never been so surprised. Even though the rides were super long at times, like three or four hours on the road winding through deserted forests and sparse, rolling hills, nobody complained. To be honest, it wasn’t really so bad, we just ate a lot of sandwiches, played trivia and sang very (very) loudly. And because I’m definitely going to be doing this trip all over again because I loved it THAT much, here is a travel guide of my favourite places, knick knacks and tips!!

The Pinnacles, Nambung National Park


About 2.5 hours from Perth by car, we visited the Pinnacles at Nambung National Park. The entrance fee is $12/car and basically, there are a variety of routes to drive on to explore different parts of the park. The golden roads are marked out by rocks, which is pretty cool and it’s vast and empty, save for the occasional car. It’s also terribly windy here, but the view is stunning!! There is also a little museum where you can get souvenirs and learn about how these rocks were formed and how this beauty was discovered. Also, many good photo opportunities here!


On another note, food can get terribly expensive, even at roadside taverns and restaurants you might see along the way during a road trip. We shopped at a supermarket (Woolworths!) the night before and packed our own sandwiches to munch on along the way. This means fewer stops too!

Red Bluff Lookout, Kalbarri


After the Pinnacles, we continued to make our way up north towards the prettiest, quaint seaside town, Kalbarri. Kalbarri is about a 6-7 hour drive from Perth, and we took the Indian Ocean Drive to get there. The drive itself is so scenic and beautiful, there were hardly any cars on the road during our drive. Being surrounded by the vast expense of sea, rolling hills and immense haystacks, it was like breaking free from the constraints of living on a small island, where car rides rarely last an hour.


The Red Bluff Lookout is one of my favourite places in Kalbarri. We took a ten minute drive out from town to watch the glorious sunset from here. It’s a cliff overlooking this gorgeous, secluded beach and the red rock of the cliff contrasts beautifully against the cerulean of the sea. The weather is warm and balmy in town, but in the evening it can get really windy and significantly cooler up here, so dress warmer!!



Hutt Lagoon, Port Gregory


Hutt Lagoon, without contest, would have to be one of the most jaw-dropping (in a good way!!) locations I have ever visited in my life. The lake is coloured in this bubblegum milkshake pink shade due to the presence of a certain kind of algae, and it is simply amazing to see water bodies on your left and right in this state. Kind of like a giant Willy Wonka strawberry chocolate fondue anyone? We discovered this in a pretty funny way actually. On the way to Kalbarri, we had no knowledge that this lake existed, much less in such close proximity to the town we were headed towards. During the drive, we passed by Hutt Lagoon from a distance and I noticed that with the sun shining down on the water, the lake seemed pink. My family dismissed it as an optical illusion of some sort due to the ‘reflection of light’ but I wasn’t buying it. We googled it awhile later and hence, discovered the pink lake!!

Busselton Jetty, Busselton

JPEG image-6813410FFE1B-1.jpeg

THE SEA HERE IS BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL. The Busselton Jetty is the longest wooden jetty in the world. It’s so long, they have a little train that runs from the start of the jetty to the end so that you won’t have to walk the entire thing. It’s almost 2km long and just seems endless. You have to pay an admission fee to walk the jetty, but we chose not to. Instead, we took a lot of photos, admired the stunning, crystal clear sea, and walked along the beach. There’s also a weekend market near the beach too, so you can buy some great food and stroll along the pier.

JPEG image-080FCD986755-1.jpeg


The Zig Zag Scenic Drive, Perth

JPEG image-9F6FBE5BB294-1.jpeg

The Zig Zag Scenic Drive is located at Gooseberry Hill National Park and you get the most glorious landscape of the sprawling metropolis. The Zig Zag Drive is named as such because when you drive down the hill, the road is extremely narrow, and there are many hairpin turns down in a zig zag pattern. In addition to cars, you get people biking up and down the drive as well, so it can get a little freaky. But the view makes up for it, it’s absolutely stunning getting a view of the city from somewhere high up and peacefully quiet.


So there we have it, all my favourite places when I visited Western Australia. I miss the gorgeous cloudless azure skies so much and the vastness of everything, even the supermarkets. Definitely going to be back here again, do check out these places if you’re visiting Western Australia!



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