Thoughts On Humidity, Perfect Summer Days and Happy Songs

I truly despise the humidity because the beautiful bouncy curls I had before I left the house would disappear the instant I step out onto the streets and also any makeup I put on would melt straight away so I haven’t bothered with much (#loveyourflaws #firstworldproblems #ijustifiedmylaziness). I apologise for the real lack of posts due to my exams but I’m so excited to be back here writing on this platform again! Recently I’ve been so flooded with uni apps and interviews but I think it’s thrilling to open up to so the sheer number of possibilities and opportunities. Talking to my friends who are already in university has also made me more motivated to not mess around with my apps and I’m honestly quite pumped with all that’s going to happen next year!


The weather looked quite lovely outside today so Winna agreed to pop by Thomson to help me shoot and grab an iced coffee while we’re at it. Shoutout to Winna because we were both absolutely melting under the intense heat and it’s always such a blast to spend time with her because we would spend the bus ride reminiscing about people and trading funny stories from the past. Also I really love this outfit because Winna got this top for a few dollars off the streets of BangKok and I got the greatest metallic skirt for only a few bucks off Taobao. Style does not have to cost a bomb!!! The days have been passing by in sleep soaked bliss and Winna, Wil and I would lie around the house playing the guitar, sing, read (mostly me), glug ungodly amounts of coffee milk like it’s ambrosia (also mostly me) and watch television. I think when the past few weeks flew by in such tiring, hurling chaos it’s sweet relief having unplanned days and spontaneous adventures of exploring and taking photos.


Since this is sort of a life update post I thought I would also share with you guys some songs from my happy playlist that have gotten me by the past few weeks when I was doing my exams. I don’t know the words to most of them and I choose to not know them just so that I wouldn’t be distracted and start singing along while doing work/revising. Here are some of my favourites:

  1. Take Me Out, Golden State
  2. Pumping Blood, Sara James
  3. Different Kind of Love, Kid Runner
  4. Crazy For You, Hedley
  5. We Built This City, Starship
  6. This Girl, Kungs vs Cookin’ on 3 Burners
  7. Fire To The Floor, Sezairi
  8. Something In The Way You Move, Ellie Goulding
  9. Ex’s & Oh’s, Elle King
  10. Toothbrush, DNCE


Happy listening!!


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