Tasselled Shoes


Tassels, associated with decorative fluff that adorn all extravagant ornamental cushions. Especially if they’re gold, because yknow, gold tassels.

Tassels have bedecked the most hippie chic and bohemian of festival goers, and its ornate feel lends a sense of festivity even when one is not at, and quite frankly, very far away from any festival. With the never-ending heat (I know, I cannot shut up about the heat), sandals are always my go to choice of footwear because they are airy and breezy for the feet! AND less foot sweat. I’ve had these strappy black sandals for a while, it literally has just two straps, and I’ve been pondering over what to do with them. Sure they can fulfill my minimalistic, aesthetic needs, but I felt like they have so much potential to be jazzed up.

I saw this super easy tutorial on Pinterest on how to make tassels, and I immediately went to get some metallic yarn to try it out on my own. It’s really cheap, I got a colour for around a dollar at ArtFriend. The tassels I ended up making were quite mini, but they were perfect for adorning my sandals. You literally only need a fork and yarn to make the tassels (okay and quite a bit of patience!!).


Here are the sandals:


And after:


Basically, I just tied simple knots around the strap of my sandals so that I can wear these shoes with or without the tassels whenever I wish to. Style them with a simple dress or a cool co-ord, and there you go!!


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