Mom Jeans Hack

Firstly, I just want to thank all you lovely people for reading this, truly!! All your support and encouragement makes me feel all warm and fluffy and pushes me towards the edge of my imagination and creativity! Every single week ,the weekend gets me so pumped up and I’m always so stoked to watch my vision come alive through styling, shooting, editing and writing. Besides, I feel like I’m using procrastination from studying quite productively heh. Feel free to tell me which looks you love, or what improvements I can make, and I’ll be more than happy to listen!

I’ve been quite taken with the slouchy chic look recently, although I don’t think I’m brave enough to venture out into the world of really baggy jeans and oversized outerwear yet. However, I do have a few pairs of jeans always stuffed at the back of my closet, folded nicely, never touched. You see, I’ve never really grown any taller (only fatter hehe) ever since I reached the age of 14, so I’ve had some baggy, boot cut jeans trendy eons ago that I never ever chose to wear. Besides, I think they were hand-me-downs and I couldn’t fit into them properly then.

So thank goodness my mom never threw them out and they just remained at the back of my closet, rotting away for fashion to make a u-turn and revive them. Boot cut still isn’t really in, and mind you even when I wear these jeans now, the hem still touches the floor (short people problems!!). But rolling up the hem a few times tightly around the ankles does wonders, giving you the ‘mom’ jeans, cropped style, slouchy look instantly. I paired them with some brown oxfords/heels, a crop top to balance out the proportions and a light coat to deal with the insane heat-and-airconditioning transitions throughout the day. Wileen, my youngest sister, makes an appearance here too and her style is so rad, wish I was that fashionable when I was her age. Enjoy!



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