The Midi Skirt Edit

Hooray for midi skirts!!

Skirts hold a certain significance to me. They mark a time long ago when I was first allowed to make my own forays into the vast world of fashion, the tight rein of my mother slowly loosening. Don’t get me wrong- I love her, but when I was younger she chose all my outfits because she thought getting ready to go out would be a faster process. Looking back, some of her choices could be deemed quite questionable (black and white striped three-quarter leggings as pants, anyone?).

Gradually, my own preferences seeped through her screening process during shopping trips and I got to experiment with style. I remember getting her permission to purchase this deep fuschia, ruffled mini skirt (they had been the utmost rage that summer) and that skirt was the proudest item in my closet for a while. I thought I looked very chic in it! But it was in skirts when I felt a little fancier, a little more twirly and glamorous.

Now skirts are way beyond a rite of passage, but they still make me feel the way I did whenever I wore that fuschia skirt. Of course, nowadays I have a much wider variety to choose from. In the impossibly warm madness I live at, skirts are airy and breezy and just amazing for the year round heat. However, mini skirts can be a bit too short for my liking, maxi skirts are too warm. Hence, I often opt for the glorious midi in different styles for an extra dash of fancy, and the main dash of keeping cool (both literally and figuratively). Here are three ways to style the a-line midi skirt!!


Pleated midi skirt + geometric top + sporty sneakers



wide pleats + cami + heels



Floral midi + choker cut top + combat boots



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