The Three Way Bandana

The most hippie chic I can ever get?

Grandma decided to go back to her old apartment recently and she took out a few pieces of clothing that haven’t seen the sun in a long, long time. She lugged her loot back home and laid them out on the floor to separate what she wanted to keep and which had had its time. This ‘vintage-y’ scarf caught my eye; it has bright orange edges and beautiful detailing on the inside. This is why I love fashion. Despite the whirlwind turnovers in trends and the seemingly never-ending chase to be in style, specific trends always seem to make an appearance in cycles. The chokers and crop tops that sprung from the 90s have made a huge comeback today, and that beautiful bandana grandma probably got in her younger days is now stylish once again. AND I can call it ‘vintage’.

The neck scarf, the bandana, the neckerchief. It has rocked street styles more recently and it is oh so very versatile. Some pattern and some colour can easily add detail to a basic outfit, or even add a personalized touch to an accessory. Here are three of my favourite ways to wear it!

First Look

Mixed Prints:  Hippie Chic



Kind of like a bandana crown, pair it with another detailed printed top or a dress, pair it with ginormous gold earrings and there! Hippie queen.

Second Look

Around the neck:  Jetsetter vibes


The basic white top, denim jacket. Jazz it up with the bandana around your neck, tied or untied.

Third Look

Around the handles of a bagD75_2516D75_2511D75_2510D75_2536

I wear the bandana like this the most often! Not very garish or gaudy, but just enough of a subtle pop!

Hence, go forth and raid your grandma’s closet! And if you find some great stuff, well, I told you so 😉


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