The Choker Edit

I really hate chokers. It’s probably not going to help my case here, but I remember despising them ever since they were popular in the early 2000’s. There was a phase when my sister and I were toddlers and my mother would make jewelry for us and take photos of us wearing these bridal-esque veils, fake daisies in hand, and these dainty glass beaded necklaces and bracelets. Then came the dreaded chokers. Her’s were meticulously beaded and the designs were so detailed and gorgeous, but I hated wearing them with a passion, even if it was only for a few minutes. I recall being all dramatic about it and I was only 5 or 6, claiming that they hurt my throat or something.

Now it’s all different. The chokers have made a victorious comeback, and I could not be bothered to catch up with the trend at first. I was quite adamant about not paying for an accessory that made you feel like CHOKING, no thank you. And after all, it’s just string around your neck, why I would pay for that was quite beyond me.

But after I bought this black top that had a choker cut (not really a neck wrangling choker, just the cut), I found myself falling for the choker. Its simplicity and class could elevate one’s outfit if worn just right, it could be sweet, it could be edgy. So fine, after the choker cut top became a staple in my closet, I grudgingly saw the appeal of the choker. Maybe, just maybe, my neck could stand feeling slightly tortured for a few hours for the sake of aesthetics. But I still didn’t want to pay for string around my neck. So here’s the simplest DIY ever and will only take you a minute tops, for three different kinds of chokers.

You will need:

  • Velvet string, thick and thin. You can find these at craft shops such as Spotlight.
  • 3 gold/silver jump rings (the kind for jewelry making purposes)


jump ring embellishment + long ribbon behind


  1. Take three jump rings
  2. String them through the velvet
  3. Take the end of the velvet ribbon and string it through the first jump ring that went in
  4. Pull the two ends of the ribbon and it should look like this:ALP_4423


a few rounds around the neck + ribbon





literally just tied a knot


This post just amuses me so because it really can’t get any lazier/easier than this! Go forth now, ignore that choking feeling around the neck, go make your own chokers!!


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