Geometric Earrings

I truly apologise for the lack of updates, I was busy with exams and all recently. But I’ve finally gotten around to doing another DIY and I’ve been wanting to share this for the longest time! So I’ve been into quirky, geometric earrings recently, and I’m quite taken by these long, rectangular ones. Since I’ve been experimenting with clay and textures right now, I decided to make these earrings for fun! And they look edgy if I say so myself.


  1. Roll out some black clay, or clay in any colour really. Just make sure it’s even and thick enough.
  2. Cut it out into rectangles.
  3. Take out a pair of earring studs and backings. These came from my mom’s stash back in the days when she made jewellery, but you can find them at ArtFriend.
  4. Insert the stud into the clay, but make sure it doesn’t show on the other side.
  5. With instructions from the clay packet, bake it in the oven accordingly. I used Premo Sculpey clay and it says 30 mins at 175 degrees. If you use white or a lighter colour don’t overbake it as it can yellow out.

And that’s about it, easy as pie. The studs might be a little loose so add in superglue if it falls out, there should already be an imprint on the clay pieces. I made these in gold and marble as well and it turned out pretty good!


ALP_3473 copy


ALP_3458 copy


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